The initial search and application of a patent with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) can be a difficult, confusing  and time-consuming task. There are many types of patents to choose from. Prior to application, an inventor must decide whether the patent will be filed as a provisional, non-provisional, utility, design, plant, foreign or domestic patent. This difficult process, if not handled properly, can span over the course of several years and waste thousands of dollars. However, an inventor can save both time and money by hiring a patent attorney prior to filing a patent.

At Wang IP Law Group, P.C., we provide clients a wide array of services to help ensure their patent application is filed correctly. Our services include:

  • Determination of patent type based off of the advantages and use of the invention;
  • Prior-art searches and examination of relevant references to determine patentability;
  • International protection of client patents by submitting an application with the appropriate governmental agencies; and
  • Outside legal counseling to corporations and small businesses on patent issues and decisions.

Our firm prides itself on preparing client-tailored patent applications to help our clients achieve the specific goals for their inventions and creations. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and goals, identify potential issues, and develop appropriate and cost-effective patent portfolios to obtain these results.

We realize how costly and inefficient patent litigation can be and keep this in mind when we prepare every patent.  However, if patent enforcement is necessary, our attorneys are ready with creative and aggressive litigation tactics to help you protect your patent rights. Our services include rendering patent validity and infringement opinions; conducting appeals interferences, oppositions, reexaminations and reissue proceedings; and securing protection in foreign countries as well.


Wang IP Law Group, P.C. assists clients with Patent Law in the Los Angeles CountyOrange CountySan Gabriel ValleyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County,  San Fernando ValleySan Diego County and San Francisco and San Jose area. Our firm also provides services internationally including representing clients in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Israel. 

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