The Wang IP Law Group, P.C. team provides mediation legal services to individuals looking to avoid litigation and find peaceful, private solutions to family disputes. Our mediation services can help resolve conflicts without either party having to go to court.

Mediation is a private and confidential process by which a specially trained neutral facilitator (the attorney mediator) helps families identify their issues and concerns while assisting them in reaching a collective agreement to resolve their conflicts amicably and peacefully. The agreement is then submitted and adopted by the court without either party having to make an appearance.

When a case is tried in court, often times neither party is completely satisfied with the outcome. In mediation, both sides of the party are working together to solve a problem rather than trying to convince a judge of their point of view. At the end of mediation, if both parties agree on a solution, they are more likely to follow through as opposed to a settlement decided by a judge.
Why Choose Mediation?

  • Settlement discussions are private and confidential in a comfortable and informal setting.
  • Affordable and cost-effective. One attorney (the mediator) will assist both parties to reach an agreement over all issues.
  • The parties maintain control over their individual and family’s future without the courts making important life decisions for them.
  • Less stressful since mediation gives individuals the freedom and opportunity to communicate constructively and formulate focused, respectful and creative solutions.
  • Court approved. An agreement reached between the parties will be court approved and enforceable without the parties ever having to step foot in court.
  • More efficient and expeditious than going to court.

Have more questions about Mediation?

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