Individuals and companies alike can face complex issues and problems when attempting to do business across international borders. Our firm has unique experience in negotiating international transactions and handling import, export, and international trade issues. We represent  individuals, small companies, and large corporations both in the U.S. and overseas. We have provided services to clients worldwide, including in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Israel.

The services we provide to our international clients for international transactions include:

  • Business entity formationImage 2
  • Assistance in selection of the type of organizational entity under which to operate local or international operation
  • Drafting of sales and purchases agreements
  • Preparation of articles of incorporation
  • Corporate legal advice
  • Employee relations advice
  • Dissolution
  • Termination

Wang IP Law Group, P.C. is also experienced in handling a variety of import, export, and international trade issues, including:

  • Import Protests
  • Ruling Requests
  • Import Compliance Programs
  • Fines, Penalties, & Forfeitures
  • Seizures
  • Internal Audits & Compliance Assessments
  • Cargo Security
  • Export Licensing
  • Export Compliance Programs
  • Sanctions & Embargoes
  • Internal Audits & Compliance Assessments

Along with our knowledge and experience with international law,we place high degree of importance on our firm’s diversity.  Both our staff and attorneys are multicultural and multilingual, allowing us to better understand the needs and goals of our international clients.

Wang IP Law Group, P.C. assists clients with International Business Law in the Los Angeles CountyOrange CountySan Gabriel ValleyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County,  San Fernando ValleySan Diego County and San Francisco and San Jose area. Our firm also provides services internationally including representing clients in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Israel. 

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