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At Wang IP Law Group, P.C., we provide a full range of estate planning services. We help you determine how your assets will be managed for your benefit during your lifetime if you ever become unable to manage them yourself. We also advise on when and under what circumstances it makes sense to distribute your assets during your lifetime and how to distribute your assets after your death. In planning estates, we also assist with tax planning, business succession planning, and charitable planning through tax saving strategies applicable to our clients. Additionally, we will consult with you on how your personal care will be managed and how health care decisions will be made during your lifetime if you become unable to care for yourself.

Wang IP Law Group, P.C. creates estate plans to: 

  • Avoid probate and conservatorship of the estate;
  • Minimize taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees;
  • Ensuring appropriate titles for property and funds for trusts;
  • Name a guardian and an inheritance manager for minor children;
  • Provide for family members with special needs without disrupting government benefits;
  • Include life insurance to provide for your family at your death, disability income insurance if you become unable to work, and long-term care insurance to cover extended illness or injury;
  • Provide for the transfer of your business at your retirement, disability, or death; and
  • Provide for loved ones who might need protection from financial irresponsibility, future creditors and/or divorce.

Why choose Wang IP Law?
Our firm tailors our estate planning services to individual clients’ needs in ways that large firms cannot. Our firm size means lower overhead and reduced costs for the client. Additionally, our firm has greater flexibility and utilization of today’s technology than larger ones. As a result, our clients enjoy the professional skill, experience and success of a large firm without the impersonal or generic customer service. In sum, our firm works one-on-one with clients to provide fast and effective solutions for all your estate planning needs.

Estate Planning Practice Areas:


A document in which the maker specifies who is to receive his or her property at death. Wills nominate an executor who will be appointed and supervised by the probate court to manage your estate, pay your debts, expenses and taxes, and distribute your estate according to the instructions in your will. Your will can also nominate guardians for your minor children.


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Trusts & Trust Administration

A trust is an arrangement under which one person, called a trustee, holds legal title to property for another person, called a beneficiary. In some cases, a trust can partially substitute for a will. With a revocable living trust (also known as a revocable inter vivos trust or grantor trust), your assets are put into the trust, administered for your benefit during your lifetime and transferred to your beneficiaries when you die. With a trust, this transfer occurs all without the need for court involvement.


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Probate Administration & Litigation

For individuals who have passed without a trust or who have assets that were not included in a trust, probate may be required for the estate. Probate requires an inventory of the individual’s assets, payment of debts and taxes, notification to beneficiaries of the estate and distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries. Probate can be a costly and lengthy process.

Balance Sheet

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Estate Planning & Administration

Wang IP Law Group, P.C.’s estate planning services involves much more than just the writing of a will. We help you with your financial, tax, medical and business planning as well. Although a will is part of the planning process, you may need additional documents to fully address all your estate planning needs.

Estate Planning

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