In the event of a dispute, Wang IP Law Group, P.C. offers exceptional representation to protect your business. We provide aggressive advocacy and employ creative and strategic litigation skills to get clients the results they deserve in the courtroom. Our firm is dedicated to advancing the most optimal outcomes in business legal disputes for clients. The attorneys at our firm are well-versed in the various methods of dispute resolution, whether a case calls for prudent litigation or settlement.

Cost-Effective Litigation 

Wang IP Law Group, P.C. understands how costly and inefficient business litigation can be.  We always keep the fees and expenses of litigation in mind when our attorneys prepare a client-tailored case plan and pride ourselves on thorough preparation, organization, and execution. From beginning to end, our attorneys remain focused on giving our clients fast and efficient results to maximize results at minimum expense.

To keep costs low for our clients, our firm does not have an excess of associates or maintain a large overhead.  We consistently review the costs and benefits of litigation throughout representation to ensure that we are utilizing our firm’s and client’s resources wisely.  Nor do we engage in extraneous activities and battles with opposing counsel that would normally drive up the costs of litigation.

Alternative Solutions

Wang IP Law Group, P.C. also provides knowledgeable advice on alternative options such as settlements, Alternative Dispute Resolutions such as mediation and arbitration, or other non-litigation solutions. We carefully listen to our clients needs and goals, identify potential issues, and develop appropriate and cost-effective tactics to obtain them.

To avoid a costly trial, our attorneys help clients obtain preliminary injunctions, summary judgments, or negotiate favorable settlements instead. We also help clients to avoid inappropriate litigation by identifying and weighing dispute risks and rewards. By advising clients on the potential advantages and pitfalls of a lawsuit, we assist the clients in making informed business decisions at every stage of litigation.


Wang IP Law Group, P.C. assists clients with Business Litigation in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Gabriel ValleyRiverside County, San Bernardino County,  San Fernando Valley, San Diego County and San Francisco and San Jose area. Our firm also provides services internationally including representing clients in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Israel. 

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